A Note to the Underground on Dropping the Acronym.

The following can have the acronym ELF replaced by ALF or any other with the same point.

From Killing King Abacus:

"But why does anyone use the ELF name at all? When an action is claimed by the ELF a rebellious action is reduced from multiple and dynamic motivations to a single cause. This reduction is partially achieved by the person who signs ELF, in doing so she reduces an action (potentially) against capital in general to an action against particularly environmentally offensive companies: the name Earth Liberation Front states its focus as explicitly on the environment. The ELF by definition specializes its rebellion. Or the action is reduced by the media, to an action perpetrated by the most monstrous of eco-terrorists: an action becomes an image. Of course the media will do this regardless in any case of sabotage, but the ELF has a specific image and a media spokesperson that unintentionally contributes to its perpetuation. So the use of the name ELF has become part of the media circus. Their spokesperson has surely explained ELF actions from his own point of view, but not surprisingly, the media insists on the images which are most useful to its aims. ELF actions are an example of sabotage accomplished with easily accessible materials and means, yet these actions have caused considerable damage! This shows us that we could do the same."

"When I was a kid living in a red-neck town in the Sierra Nevada mountains, acts of sabotage happened. Bulldozers were burned, dam building equipment was destroyed, and other such actions occurred. There was no ELF or Earth First!, as a matter of fact those groups would have been very unwelcome in the area, but things happened because individuals in the area did not like what was happening. People understood why they happened, and generally speaking, they supported it. People did not feel alienated from the act because there was not a “specialized” organization (seen as “outsiders”) doing the action. I think that just seeing something and doing something about it with a few friends and not talking about it is the opposite of specialization. It is creating a “cell organization” which acts for people (in their best interest) which becomes a vanguard. If these action occur as just things that happen, not attached to an organization, within the context of community resistance they are useful actions. " - Chris Kortright

Beyond this when one affiliates an action of sabotage to the ELF, ALF, or other underground group, they will likely serve more jail time if caught. Simply because they're "part of a terrorist organization".

It also brings heat down upon the above ground. Like when the ALF hits, it's local animal rights groups that have to deal with state repression. Likewise when the ELF hits, it's Earth First! or other eco-groups that get shit from the state. These are our comrades. I really see no benefit in choosing to sign any communiqué or spray painting the target with an acronym or group name. And throwing out an acronym is just giving the state something to go on, leave no trace, remember.

To the anonymous revolt?


Hämtar från http://www.omnipresence.mahost.org/underground.htm


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